How to fix driver conflicts with your Redragon mechanical keyboard on Windows 10.

Solution: Redragon Mechanical Keyboard Not Working with Windows 10

I recently bought the new RGB version of the popular Redragon USAS K553 mechanical keyboard for testing and review purposes (look for that in a couple weeks). I connected it to my Windows 10 machine and watched as the LED lights went through a “boot up” pattern. I opened up Firefox and tried typing a URL. Nothing happened. I pressed down the Windows key. Nothing. Uh-oh. Not a single key on the keyboard would input a character once pressed. Was my shiny new mech dead on arrival? Read on to find out.

Trouble in RGB Paradise

The first attempt I made to fix the board was unplugging it from the USB port and trying the one next to it. Again, no response. Same story with all my other USB ports. Keep in mind this mechanical keyboard doesn’t come with any software and Redragon advertises it as “Plug & Play” with no need to install drivers.

Restarting my PC was of no help. At least the LED backlighting was working, so it was receiving power. Just no communications. At this point I was becoming really agitated and started to suspect Windows 10 was the cause of my frustrations.

Let’s try another device that doesn’t run on the Windows platform. I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy S6 and connected the Redragon using an OTG adapter cable. It worked perfectly on Android. Whew. So now I knew their was nothing physically wrong with the keyboard. This was a driver issue with Windows 10.

How I Fixed It

After a bit of research and Google searching I found the solution to my problem. If you have a Redragon mechanical keyboard that powers on but isn’t responding to any input, try these steps first before returning it for a refund or exchanging for a board of the same model that will most likely still suffer from the issue.

Note: It would be helpful to have a second working keyboard also plugged in during these steps.

1. Navigate to the Device Manager with your Redragon mechanical keyboard still plugged in. Start typing “Device Manager” in the Windows search. Click on Device Manager once it shows up. If you don’t have a second keyboard to type with it can also be accessed by right-clicking the start button and selecting Device Manager from the menu that pops up.

Open Device Manager

2. Once in the Device Manager, scroll down and find “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and click on the arrow to the left to expand the list.

3. From this list locate “ND-tech USB Adapter”, right-click it and select “Update Driver Software…” from the menu box.

Right-click "ND-tech USB Adapter"

4. Choose to manually select your driver by clicking on “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Manually browse for drivers

5. Now choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

Let me pick from list of drivers.

6. To complete the driver update process, select “USB Composite Device” under Model and click Next.

Select "USB Composite Device".

You should now be presented with a screen letting you know Windows 10 has successfully updated the drivers for your device.

Successfully updated Windows 10 drivers for Redragon mechanical keyboard.

Close this screen, go back to the Device Manager and expand “Keyboards”. There should be multiple entries for “HID Keyboard Device”.

Once you have completed those steps, test your Redragon mechanical keyboard with a program called Aqua Key Test and confirm that all the keys and functions are working properly. Hopefully that solved your issues and saved you from a lot of frustration and wasted time. If not, leave a comment below describing the problems you’re still experiencing.


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