DREVO Calibur - The Calibur is one of the most affordable wireless mechanical keyboards on the market. It's a compact form factor (65%) keyboard with wireless connectivity (Bluetooth 4.0), PBT keycaps, RGB backlighting, floating key design and Outemu MX style switches.

Wire and plastic ring puller tools on keyboard.

Best Keycap Puller Tool – Wire vs Plastic Ring

There are two primary types of keycap puller tools used in the removal and replacement of keycaps from a mechanical keyboard. The wire type, which is constructed from two thin metal wires attached to some sort of handle. The other is known as a plastic ring; a simple design with a ring shape and two prongs molded into a single plastic piece. Plastic ring pullers are commonly bundled with mechanical keyboards. Which of these keycap removal tools is better at its job? That’s what we’re discussing today. Continue reading