Vortex Core 40% Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Vortex Core 40% Mechanical Keyboard Has Landed

Vortex’s next “big” product comes in a tiny package. The Vortex Core 40% mechanical keyboard with aluminum case was just recently listed on Amazon.

The Core is a ultra-compact mechanical keyboard with only 47 dedicated keys. It uses multiple function layers and programmability to provide functionality similar to that of larger keyboards, but with a much smaller footprint for improved ergonomics and space-saving ability.

It joins the likes of the popular MiniVan and JD45 40% mechanical keyboards, but unlike those options the Vortex Core is a full retail product produced for the mass market. The MiniVan and JD45 are mechanical keyboard kits that require assembly, either by the buyer or a third party. No worries about your soldering skills with the Core. It comes fully assembled from Vortex.

The Vortex Core features Cherry MX switches and high quality PBT keycaps in DSA profile with dye-sublimated legends. PBT is a material that will resist shine and the dye-sublimation process produces a high contrast legend that won’t fade from wear, so the Core’s keycaps should prove to be very durable. The guts are housed in a premium CNC milled aluminum case and connectivity is handled via a detachable Micro USB cable.

DSA PBT Keycaps with dye-sublimated legends

I already have my Core ordered for review. Once it arrives I’ll spend at least a couple weeks testing it, so look forward to the full review to be posted sometime next month.

UPDATE: My full review of the Vortex Core is now live.

The Vortex Core on Amazon is currently listed with Cherry MX switches in the following variations: Cherry MX Red (linear), Cherry MX Blue (clicky), Cherry MX Brown (tactile), and Cherry MX Clear (tactile).

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