65% mechanical keyboard with wireless connectivity (Bluetooth 4.0) and Cherry MX switches.

$100 Keywalker 65% Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard On Massdrop

Today Massdrop added a listing for a 65% wireless (Bluetooth 4.0) mechanical keyboard from a brand called Keywalker. The keyboard has 68 keys in a compact form factor similar to the TADA68 Pro. It includes dedicated arrow keys while only being one column wider than a typical 60% form factor mechanical keyboard. The switches are Cherry MX in either tactile (brown), clicky (blue), or linear (red/back) variants.

Keywalker Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
Source: Massdrop

The¬†Keywalker Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is priced at only $99.99, which could either be a steal or simply fair pricing. Can’t say for sure seeing as not much is currently known about the keyboard. Massdrop only lists a few basic specs and it has no mention of programmability. They also don’t specify whether the Cherry profile keycaps are PBT or ABS, though they appear to be rather thick and high quality in the photos.

Assuming the board isn’t programmable at all it’s still a fair deal. If it does turn out to be programmable and the keycaps are PBT then we should have a strong contender for the likes of the Anne Pro in the category of wireless mechanical keyboards. I’ll update this post if more detailed information is released about the Keywalker’s specs and level of programmability, if any.

UPDATE: The keycaps are PBT, it’s backlit with white LEDs, and the case is plastic. Unfortunately the manual makes no mention of programming so it likely doesn’t support that feature.

Source: Massdrop


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